How to Use Odin to Flash Samsung Stock Firmware

how to use Odin

If you are a Samsung user, then you must have heard how to use Odin at least once. For those haven’t heard, Samsung Odin is the official tool for Samsung firmware flashing. Stolen from Samsung by an Unknown employee, this tool is used by the Community ever since.

Latest Version of this Remarkable Tool is 3.13.1 and it can be downloaded from here.

Once your Smartphone booted into the Odin mode, Connect it to a Windows PC running Odin and it will Detect your Phone and then you Are Good to Go. (Unfortunately, Odin is Only Compatible with Microsoft Windows but there also a JAVA Version of Odin Available(!))

Flashing a Stock firmware of a Samsung smartphone using Odin download is really easy compared to other OEMs. Almost All the Samsung Android Phones are Supported by Odin. By using this, You can flash compatible files with .tar or .tar.MD5

Choosing a Relevant Version of Odin

Sometimes you have to use Different Versions of Odin for different smartphones. Currently, it Supports Phones by the following way,

    • Version 1.85 is Specially Recommended for Flashing Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware.
    • V. 3.09 is for Flashing Jellybean and Kit-Kat Firmware.
    • V. 3.10.7 is for Lollipop
    • V. 3.11.1 is Recommended for Marshmallows.

However, some modern smartphone models always need to download the latest version of Odin. For Galaxy S8 and Note 8 or latest, you have to use Odin 3.13.1 or the latest version to the date.

Now, Let’s see how to Use Odin to Flash a Stock Firmware

  1. At first, download any Samsung Firmware from the direct downloading links
  2. Go to settings in your phone and enable USB Debugging in the Developers Options (if there isn’t a menu as developer options, tap the build number 7 time in the about screen) and OEM Unlock.
  3. Once you Downloaded the compatible firmware, boot your phone into Odin Mode and plug it into your PC.
  4. Make sure you have plugged your smartphone into a steady USB port on your PC. Like the ones on the back side.
  5. Make sure to run the Odin as Administrator.
  6. Most of the times Odin will identify your phone and show its as COM: ID. (If your phone isn’t identified by Odin, please install Samsung USB Drivers.)
  7. Then Extract the downloaded firmware files. Now you have an Odin flashable tar or tar.md5 file.
  8. Now Click on the PDA or AP Button and Select the Extracted firmware file. (If you are using an older version of Odin, there will be a PDA button. Use that instead) This might take some time to verify the file’s integrity.
    In the Options Select “Auto Reboot”, “F. Rest Time” and leave the rests as it is.Samsung Odin Download
  9. Then Click Start and Wait! This usually takes about 5 minutes.
  10. Finally, Odin will Display Pass and You Phone Will Automatically Rebooted.

Now You Have Successfully Flashed a Stock Firmware Using Samsung Odin.

Flashing A Custom Kernel or a Custom Recovery is Very Similar to the process above. The only difference is the Flash file.

A Final Word…

Always Double check if you have downloaded the correct firmware. Always use Stable Internet connection when downloading firmware otherwise files could be damaged. Sometimes you have to try different Odin versions Depending on your device. Sometimes Odin will not detect your Phone even you have installed Samsung USB Drivers.

Try restarting your PC and use a Different USB Cable and a Port. We do not Recommend using JAVA Version of Odin download due to instability. Hope all the users got the correct method on how to use Odin from here. Don’t forget to contact us if there’s an issue with the flashing process.

Samsung Odin v3.13.1 to Flash Android Oreo

Odin is Samsung’s closest companion when comes to system alterations. In fact, there are many things you can get offered with the right Odin use. So this is about Samsung Odin v3.13.1 which now updated in targeting Android Oreo 8.0. In case if you are in the need of favorable operating system changes but was worried about picking the right tool download, this is the right time to move with the latest Odin version.

Samsung Odin v3.13.1

Flashing is one of the best ways you can reach to the highest system changes. So Odin is the best way you can flash a number of files to the system aiming the best system changes. In fact, it can flash various files to the system including stock firmware, custom firmware, kernels, root packages, recovery files and more similar. In fact, it helps you with the complete superuser privileges by flashing root packages. So there, Odin Download is a well-known tool for all for the need of best superuser rights. But exclusively for Samsung device users.

Samsung Odin v3.13.1 latest for the Firmware Oreo

With various advanced changes, Android Oreo comes in a different form of setting. So the same Odin version has no support here for the firmware Oreo 8.0. But making you no worry, here we have the best update for Download Odin with the update of version 3.13.1. So here you can now flash any latest Samsung device including the latest galaxy handsets that run the firmware Android Oreo latest.

As the most developed version of Odin, here we meet the highest compatibility for Android Oreo firmware and all the device variants. And for the biggest change, here the version 3.13.1 makes Odin no longer a Windows-only application. In fact, the latest Odin v3.13.1 has the support of both Windows and Mac for the installation and processing. But it does not yet appear in the form of APK to take the tool directly downloaded on the handset. So as always, you must have the PC support to make Odin working for Samsung handsets.

About the Odin Procedure

Samsung Odin v3.13.1

To make the tool working best in flashing, you should start with the correct ROM version. So there you should check for the most suitable firmware version to install on the Samsung device. And also you should make the PC or Mac ready with installing the correct drivers’ software. Moreover, make a complete backup of the device’s existing data making the whole process more secure. And anyway, the latest tool version is more stable than the previous versions. So you can easily make the requirement of flash fulfilled here with Odin Flash version 3.13.1. And as always, you can have the Odin latest version for free of charges.

Final Words

Odin is the most recognized way you can choose to go on flashing your Samsung device. And it does not require your device to be rooted or in any other special condition to make use of Odin. And with the latest Samsung Odin v3.13.1, you can take the expanded flash support for the latest Android Oreo as well. Take your attempts and leave your comments here.

Download Odin for Windows- FAQ

Odin is a big opportunity for those who do not like sticking with the stock walls. In fact, Odin Download for Windows simply flash different files to the system and bring alterations to the system. So Odin is the best companion for Samsung users in getting with system advancements. But as always good preparation and learning make the things smooth and corresponding. So let us take a look at another FAQ section covering all of the basics of Odin.

Samsung Odin troubleshooting

For the need of flash and root, you will find various tools and software on the web. But none of them will make the perfect match as Odin for Samsung. In fact, Odin is an amazing development of Samsung Inc for all internal purpose of flash. But anyhow, it is now in the rights of the general public for complete flash and root privileges on Samsung.

Into Odin Download for Windows- FAQ

If you are new to the subject flash and root with Odin, you must still be still in doubt of the processing. So as a help, we are here bringing you some of the basic facts on Odin in your favorite FAQ. So get to everything orderly.

Why Odin Download?

Odin is a desktop program one could take to flash stock/custom firmware, flash root packages, flash kernels, recovery files, upgrade/ downgrade and do more similar. So simply, it is the software every Samsung user must know for both the recoveries and modifications on the system.

From where I can get Odin?

Odin comes in various tool versions in the match to different devices. So you can download the most recent tool versions following us through Samsung Odin all versions.

What do you need in processing Odin?

To run Odin, we should make the Windows PC prepared. In fact, Odin can only be processed through the PC and does not exist in the form of APK to take directly on the mobile. So install correct Samsung drivers on the PC and have the best compatible USB to connect the device to the PC. And for the perfect match, you should boot into Download mode.

What are the Odin Settings?

Odin download for windows

Odin comes with various options on the interface. So know what options going to make your need for flash success.

  • Re-Partition: Layout re-partitions
  • Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time: Take the device reboot once flashing is done the phone and then resets the flash counter of the phone internally. These are important features you should check
  • PIT: The file describes the layout of the phone partitions. These files are included originally in some firmware only
  • PDA: Operating system of the Phone which now appears as AP
  • PHONE: Features tells the phone’s radio and baseband. This is important in connecting with the device’s carrier
  • CSC: For the country information and settings with respect to the phone

Will you flash or root?

If you have gone through all well, you would realize how useful Odin Download for Samsung is. So it is your turn to flash or root for completely free.

Installing a Custom Kernel using Samsung Odin Download

Odin is unquestionably the best free flash utility for Samsung which is capable of flashing various files to Samsung devices. The program runs through the Windows PC and making success for all free. So if you want your device to be extra smart but scared of getting the start, here we take you through the complete guidance for installing a Custom ROM using Samsung Odin Download.

Samsung Odin Download


As you might have already known, Odin is a very useful program for Samsung users in flashing various files to the system. In fact, it is used for Stock/ Custom firmware flash, recovery flash, root packages flash, Custom Kernel flash and etc. So if I simply say it is the best way to system recoveries and modifications in Samsung, you would agree. And follow through Samsung Odin Download versions to get all latest download links from us.

What is the use of a Custom Kernel?

Replacement of a Kernel brings so much of benefits in customization. The kernel as the piece of program that fills the gap between the software and hardware, it brings a lot of setting us with it. So flashing a custom Kernel here means a lot to the user which brings a number of settings. So you should choose from the most fitting Custom Kernel variant that going to work best with your device model. So start configuring variables yourself by flashing a Custom Kernel through Odin. But how?

Install a Custom Kernel with Samsung Odin Download

Odin is extremely supportive for anyone to get with any file flash. So follow the instructions to make successful Custom Kernel flash on Samsung. But remember it is only possible through Windows PC.

  • Download Odin v3.12.7 or any compatible version on the PC. Then extract to get workable extensions
  • Download Odin flashable Custom kernel .tar file on the PC (should check with the compatibility)
  • Enable USB debugging mode on Android by going to Settings > About Phone > Build No (tap 7/8 times) > Developer options and enable USB debugging
  • Boot the Samsung device into Download Mode. To that press and hold Home, Power and Volume download for several seconds and continue with Volume Up in the warning screen
  • Connect the device to the PC while in the Download mode and see whether you get the Added message in the Odin panel
  • Select only the “AP” and there attach the Kernel file you have downloaded
  • Then continue with “Start” option and wait
  • The device will automatically reboot when flashing is over. So then you can safely remove the device from the connections to the PC

how to use odin

That is all you should do for a successful installation of Custom Kernel. So enjoy better customization, settings up and more to get with more power on Android. And do not forget to tell us about your experience on Samsung Odin Download on the way to flash here through our comments section.

Beginners’ Guide to Samsung Odin Free Download

If you are a Samsung user in the need of system modifications, it is definitely the right time to call for Samsung Odin Free Download. As you might already be heard, the tool can flash various files to the system that you require in making successful changes in the system setting. And most importantly, the tool is also capable of system recoveries by simply restoring to the stock-like state back. So having Odin, you can fearlessly start making various alterations in the system. But what if you have no idea about how to start with Odin? Here we go for some of the revisions to this amazing flash utility about describing how useful to make your Samsung better in function.

Samsung odin free

Is Samsung Odin Free Download?

Yes. Odin is completely a free flash utility in exclusively work for the Samsung devices. It can be downloaded following us via Odin all versions, where we have listed down all genuine content for your use. But remember, it only supports through the windows PC as there is yet no way to take Odin directly on the smartphone or Tablet. And we have no word yet about getting Odin through an APK just like some of the flash and root apps we now find in the app market. So you should get prepared for Windows PC in everytime decides to go with Odin flash.

Should you take Odin 3.12.7?

As we already aware, there are various tool versions under the name of Odin. The reason is truly the requirement of the user in target various models and firmware each of them takes. By now, it is 3.12.7 the latest we find in the latest log. And the tool version agrees to work with all the latest Samsung device models which take up to firmware Nougat. but as always, there can be some errors when getting the latest tool compatibility. So in case if you face the similar trouble, move to the immediate lower one to get better compatibility.

How should I prepare the system and hardware?

As always, you should start with a backup in every system related processing. So that, you can save everything in the system even after the changes. And there will be nothing worry even if you have gone through some errors while processing.

In the side of the PC arrangements, you should concern about proper Samsung drivers installation. Since Odin has no inbuilt drivers as a reason to keep the application lighter and easier to handle, it is a must to web search and finds the most relevant USB drivers’ software for the PC.

Samsung Odin troubleshooting

There are several things you should do on the side of the device when done preparing the PC. To enable USB debugging follow Settings > About the device > Build Number (tap 7/8 times) > Developer options > finally Enable USB debugging. And then to boot the device into Download mode, press and hold Home, Power, and Volume Down until you meet the Warning screen. The continue with Volume Up for Download Mode.

Odin is completely a free and easy to handle utility. So anyone can start with Samsung Odin Free Download by following the above-given facts. And you can visit our previous updates to catch all instruction manuals orderly.