Unroot and Restore Galaxy back to Stock using Samsung Odin

There are various reasons for one to continue flashing different files to the system. But there could also be several reasons for one to restore the official firmware on the device. Regardless of the reasons one by one, let us here take a look at how it can be done on Galaxy with used of Samsung Odin. It will be super easy if you find here the order for how the steps should be lined. So go on reading.

Samsung Odin

As you might already aware, Odin Download is the best way to flash the firmware on Samsung device. It can successfully flash Stock/ Custom firmware, kernels, recovery files, root packages and more similar either in the need of recovery or system modification. In fact, it is safe and brings guaranteed success to Samsung flash with the various tool version. To take all the download links, follow us on Samsung Odin all Versions.

Complete Step Guide to Unroot Galaxy with Samsung Odin

  • First of all, switch the Galaxy device into Download mode. To that, tap and hold Home, Power and Volume Down for several seconds and press Volume Up when you find the screen with a warning triangle

Samsung Odin

  • Connect your device to the Windows PC
  • For the PC, install Samsung drivers software by web search the most fitting option. To install, follow the on-screen instruction with the file downloaded

samsung Odin

  • Download Odin on the PC with checked the most suitable version. Then extract the file and get Odin-supported file formats
  • Now Download the correct Stock ROM for the device on the PC. You can search for most fitting option checking the compatibility with the device model. Here too, you should extract the zip content into workable extensions

Samsung odin

  • Right-click on Odin and continue “Run as administrator”
  • Select “AP” while keeping the other options untouched. Then attach the firmware file there

Samsung odin

  • When the log tab says “leave CS” it is time to flash with “Start”

Samsung Odin

  • By now, flashing is processing. So you are required waiting for about 10 minutes from there to see success in a green “Pass”. But in case if it is not rebooting automatically, you should manage it manually before disconnecting the device

Odin download

When rebooting, it will take longer than usual as it is the first reboot after the system changes. Then, you are restored 100% to the stock firmware. And in case if you are facing slight issues after restoring, boot into Recovery mode and perform a factory reset.

Wrap up

The reason made you restore to official firmware could be varied. But for all Samsung devices, Samsung Odin is the solution to make the device back working. Hope you guys have learned the perfect way and going to draw the end for today with the promise of a soon come back.

Odin Download Latest Versions- Changes log of All Versions

Odin is a free flash utility for Samsung in the capability of flashing different files to the system. So there is no wonder why Odin is the recommendation for Samsung for the purpose of either system modifications or recovery. And here we bringing you Odin Download Latest Versions with respective changes log in making you easily decide which version would be the most fitting.

Odin Download latest versions

As of now, Odin version 3.12.7 is the latest which comes serving a wide range of latest devices and Android firmware. So you can flash firmware even on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy models takes up to Android Nougat. But in case if you are not supported the latest, hope you will find the most fitting tool version from the below listing.

Odin Download Latest Versions- Changes Log

  • Odin v3.12.5 and v3.12.4

Contains bug fixes and performance improvements supporting a wide range of devices. The versions come under Odin major version 3.

  • Odin v3.12.3

An update arrived in January 2016 prioritizing the need for bug fixes and under the hood improvements. It includes the fix to the incompatibility of some of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge models. And it gives support to Note 6 and Note 7.

  • Odin v3.11.1

Comes with flash files support as  “Flash Home_CSC_…Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S7 (No file_…Home wipe data, wipe data file_…CSC). This is the most recommended for devices running Android Marshmallow.

  • Odin v3.10.7

To the new version for the sprint, added RTN support is found. The version is very much recommended for Android Lollipop.

  • Odin v3.10.6

Gives some graphical user interface advancements. It comes adding support for more device models and starts giving work support for Galaxy S6 variants.

  • Odin v3.10.5

Supports devices with UFS and introduces more improvements.

  • Odin v3.10.3

Code given as RQT_INIT_DATA_SALESCODE in order to resolve parameters erases trouble. Gives more device support and a new Drag & Drop selection.

  • Odin v3.10.0

Gives some enhancements to compatibility and introduces UI advancements. Contains some fixes to minor troubles.

How to select the right Odin Tool Version?

Odin Download

As to the changes of the device variant and firmware, the tool version you should get could be varied. So you should always check with the device model and compatibility for the firmware each device takes. If not, you will meet some errors in processing like getting stuck, latency, unresponsive screen and etc. In that way, you must give priority to check the compatibility of the tool version with the firmware and device model before you hit download. So get with our download section to download genuine links.

As you might already know, Odin is Samsung’s closest companion in the need of system modifications and recovery. So take Odin Download Latest Versions here from us and continue flashing Stock/Custom firmware, kernels, recovery files, root packages and more.

Latest Odin Download to Flash Samsung

One of the features most of the ones love about Samsung is its availability of Stock Firmware which you can easily flash through Latest Odin Download. So your journey to more power on Android does not go waste or go off the excitement as you know you have the facility to restore the stock firmware and make the device back working even if there is something matters after Custom ROM/Kernel installing and etc. So we here writing you with the latest updates to Odin also concerning some more facts that help you keep the run smoother.

latest odin Download

As you might already know, Samsung is quite different from other Android devices from the aspects of unlocking bootloaders, different key combinations and etc. So having a flash utility like Odin Download is so much help here for those who need flash/root on their device with no damage to the system. Then, you can confidently take the responsibility of different files flash to the system as Odin also has support to restore the official firmware with Stock ROM flash if anything goes wrong.

Latest Odin Download- Version 3.12.7

Bringing the latest version 3.12.7 to the public, developers take a big step forward for making the tool used by many. Although the first development of the tool Odin was on meant to be public, now Samsung and Odin’s names are inseparable from each. In fact, we are using Odin from the version leaked which Samsung Inc has developed for the internal purpose.

Starting from there, Odin has developed up to version 3.12.7 by now. The latest version can flash a wide array of Samsung device models that run up to Android latest Nougat 7.0. But when picking the tool version right for your device, you should check the compatibility for several times. So try the possible Latest Odin Download to reach the highest success in the flash.

Does Odin support direct access to the device?

There might be various tool updates about Odin when you search the web. But remember, there is no support for Odin direct download on the device as it is completely a desktop supporting program. So you must get prepared for the PC having correct Samsung USB drivers installed to work successfully via Samsung Odin.

Does it support Mac?

No. You can process Odin only through Windows PC. So make sure you have a Windows PC with the USB drivers installations.

File Formats it supports?

Every time you download a certain file to flash via Odin, you should consider the compatibility. In fact, Odin only supports the formats .bin, .tar and tar.md5.

How to enable USB Debugging?

Enabling USB Debugging is one of the must-dos on the side of the device preparation. So follow Settings on the Samsung device to About Phone and tap about 7 or 8 times on the build number. When you unlock the developer options, you can easily enable USB debugging under that.

Samsung Odin download

Flashing your Samsung will open up more space to the overall functionality of the device. So use Latest Odin Download and have powerful Androiding.

How to Install TWRP with Free Samsung Odin Download

Odin is Samsung’s program designed for internal usage for installing different files/firmware to Samsung Android devices. Although it was never planned to release to the public, by now we have it for the public use. So the tool is now widely used for all sort of flashing purpose on Samsung devices. And today’s piece of writing is about installing TWRP with Free Samsung Odin Download to make a powerful change to your Android system.

Free Samsung Odin Download

Among the things Odin Download is capable, flashing a Custom Recovery is significant. And if you aren’t aware, TWRP is a famed Custom Recovery by TeamWin which is available in both official and unofficial builds. With installing the Recovery TWRP, you can take complete Nandroid backups, Install Custom Mods, Custom ROMs and also install root scripts like SuperSU.

Free Samsung Odin Download to Install TWRP Recovery

You can download the correct TWRP Recovery file either from official TeamWin website or through the web search. And make sure to download the .tar file which is workable with Odin. Also focus well on the Odin tool download as there could be improper content on the web which could harm your system. And to Download Odin, you should have a Windows PC prepared.

Step Guide

  • Download Odin v3.12.7 latest and extract on the PC
  • Download flashable TWRP Recovery with check the compatibility
  • Enable USB debugging mode on Android. Go to Settings > About Phone > Tap few times on the Build number to enable developer options. Then from the developer options, enable USB debugging
  • Switch to Download Mode on your Android device. Turn off the Android and press and hold Home, Volume Down, and Power for several seconds. When you see the Warning triangle, press Volume Up and continue to Download Mode
  • Then, connect the device to the PC with launch Odin interface (launch Odin exe as an administrator)
  • Wait until Odin detects the device and show success in an “Added” message
  • Select only the “AP” and add the TWRP Recovery file
  • If you are successfully done up to now, continue with “Start”
  • Wait until it shows a green “Pass” and conclude with a reboot

How to boot into TWRP Recovery on Samsung?

  • Switch the Samsung device off
  • Press and hold, Home, Power and Volume Up for several seconds. When you reach a logo screen, release all three buttons and you successfully boot in TWRP Recovery

So have happy Androiding with the installation of TWRP Recovery.

how to use odin

With Free Samsung Odin Download, you can install/ flash various files into your Samsung in order to get system modifications. While flashing a Stock ROM brings system recoveries making your device working back, flashing Custom ROM/ Recovery/ Kernel brings various improvements to the system. So hope you learned how to properly install TWRP Recovery on Samsung with today’s piece of update with Odin. In case if you find anything doubtful, leave a comment and get closer to us.

Samsung Odin Download to Flash Official Firmware on Galaxy S8

As of the benefits, Android operating system offers, you might have installed a Custom ROM, rooted the system already on your latest Samsung Galaxy S8. But in case if there is anything matters, you will find it stuttered and slow down overall putting you in a position of flash the official firmware to revert to the Stock. So here we go with Samsung Odin Download covering how to flash Stock firmware making everything back working as previous.

Samsung Odin Download

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the latest flagship model now in the market under the name of Samsung. And with the highest developer support, there is a number of Custom ROMs, Kernels to install for the ones in the need of better performance, completely changed the look and feel through various mods and etc. So as you know, installing a Custom ROM, taking root is so much of fun to get a powerful change in the system. But in case if there is any mismatch or trouble, it does not matter how fast and powerful the new Galaxy S8 is with Exynos or Snapdragon 835 powerful chipset also having 4 GB of RAM and etc.

Samsung Odin Download to Flash Stock Firmware

Samsung Odin is the best and only way we recommend installing various files to the system. And among all it is capable, flashing a Stock ROM is the most used and known from which you can revert the system back to Stock like state making it back working as you wishing. So in case if you are in any trouble as above states, here we go for complete stock firmware flash step by step.

Note for the user: Flashing a Stock ROM will not damage the factory Warranty. So you can start with an open mind here in Odin Flash. But you should take the whole process at your own risk as no party going to hold any responsibilities or damages possible in the process

Files to Download

Samsung Odin troubleshooting

  • Samsung Odin 3.12.7 latest version
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 USB drivers’ software if required
  • Correct Stock firmware for Galaxy S8 which match with the device model and also the country code

Instructions to the Process

  • Switch your device to Download mode (press and hold Home, Power, and Volume Down, and then continue with Volume Up when notified the warning triangle)
  • Extract the Odin folder and start with the exe (launch as an administrator by right-clicking on the file)
  • Connect the device to the Windows PC
  • Let Odin detects your device (it will show “Added” once connected)
  • Select “AP” and attach the Firmware file there (If you find the downloaded firmware file in zip format, extract to get Odin compatible tar.md5, then attach)
  • Then continue with “Start”

If you are successful with all above, the process will then run for several minutes. It should conclude with a reboot and be showing the success in a green “Pass”.

how to use odin

Then you can detach the device from the PC and enjoy your device working flawlessly as previously. So do not forget to give thanks to Samsung Inc for developing Odin for the success in system recoveries and modifications.