How to Flash a Modem with Samsung Odin on Latest Galaxy?

If you are in heavy use of mobile data and phone calls, you must know how useful to have strong mobile signals. So in case if you are one of those who are troubled with mobile signal support, it will be happy to you to know that it can be easily fixed. So here we go for the complete guide of flashing a modem using Samsung Odin.

samsung odin

The use of Odin spreads to different lands in relevant to your requirement. So it works on successful flash for all Samsung through the Windows PC connections. It can flash Custom ROMs, Kernels, and more exactly with the aim of better customization to your system. And similarly, Odin Flash is for all recovery through the flash of Stock firmware. So in both the system modifications and recoveries, Odin becomes the best companion of Samsung name. And it owns a remarkable history to the past since Odin has leaked to the public over the web.

Samsung Odin to Flash a Modem

As you might already know, a modem is a driver in Android devices to take the control of the receiving and sending data. And additionally, there is more it does like switching from the 3G, GPRS, 4G LTE, and HSDPA. So there, we have reasons to blame the modem when it makes troubles. And with Odin, you can easily make that fit by flashing another modem. But you should here give more concern on selecting the right modem where different device models are with different modem types.


  • Download the correct modem for your Galaxy (on the Windows PC)
  • Get Samsung Odin Download in the latest possible (on the PC and extract)
  • If required, download the correct USB drivers software to install on the PC

Before process:

  • Backup all data
  • Install latest Samsung USB drivers software on the PC
  • Enable USB debugging from Settings
  • Make the Modem and Odin file prepared by extracting to the right formats

Complete Instruction Manual

  • Step 1: Launch the downloaded Odin from the PC. Make sure to start “As an administrator”. Right-click as start as to go
  • Step 2: Connect the device to the PC by switching to the Download mode through the main port and use of a proper USB
  • Step 3: Let Odin detects you in Download mode and to turn “ID: COM” box blue
  • Step 4: Select “CP”/ Phone key on the interface and attach the modem in the right position

Hit “start” and carry on the wait for some minutes. when done, you should be greeted with a green “Pass”. Now enjoy using your Galaxy with the much stronger mobile signal.

how to use odin

Samsung Odin is the reliable solution for many of the troubles you meet with Samsung devices. So hope you find this useful about how to flash a modem through Odin in the correct way. The tool is free and comes with no charges for any processing. So enjoy stronger signal, trouble-free processing on Galaxy thanks to Odin.

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