Samsung Odin Download to Flash Official Firmware on Galaxy S8

As of the benefits, Android operating system offers, you might have installed a Custom ROM, rooted the system already on your latest Samsung Galaxy S8. But in case if there is anything matters, you will find it stuttered and slow down overall putting you in a position of flash the official firmware to revert to the Stock. So here we go with Samsung Odin Download covering how to flash Stock firmware making everything back working as previous.

Samsung Odin Download

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the latest flagship model now in the market under the name of Samsung. And with the highest developer support, there is a number of Custom ROMs, Kernels to install for the ones in the need of better performance, completely changed the look and feel through various mods and etc. So as you know, installing a Custom ROM, taking root is so much of fun to get a powerful change in the system. But in case if there is any mismatch or trouble, it does not matter how fast and powerful the new Galaxy S8 is with Exynos or Snapdragon 835 powerful chipset also having 4 GB of RAM and etc.

Samsung Odin Download to Flash Stock Firmware

Samsung Odin is the best and only way we recommend installing various files to the system. And among all it is capable, flashing a Stock ROM is the most used and known from which you can revert the system back to Stock like state making it back working as you wishing. So in case if you are in any trouble as above states, here we go for complete stock firmware flash step by step.

Note for the user: Flashing a Stock ROM will not damage the factory Warranty. So you can start with an open mind here in Odin Flash. But you should take the whole process at your own risk as no party going to hold any responsibilities or damages possible in the process

Files to Download

Samsung Odin troubleshooting

  • Samsung Odin 3.12.7 latest version
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 USB drivers’ software if required
  • Correct Stock firmware for Galaxy S8 which match with the device model and also the country code

Instructions to the Process

  • Switch your device to Download mode (press and hold Home, Power, and Volume Down, and then continue with Volume Up when notified the warning triangle)
  • Extract the Odin folder and start with the exe (launch as an administrator by right-clicking on the file)
  • Connect the device to the Windows PC
  • Let Odin detects your device (it will show “Added” once connected)
  • Select “AP” and attach the Firmware file there (If you find the downloaded firmware file in zip format, extract to get Odin compatible tar.md5, then attach)
  • Then continue with “Start”

If you are successful with all above, the process will then run for several minutes. It should conclude with a reboot and be showing the success in a green “Pass”.

how to use odin

Then you can detach the device from the PC and enjoy your device working flawlessly as previously. So do not forget to give thanks to Samsung Inc for developing Odin for the success in system recoveries and modifications.

Guide to Samsung Odin Troubleshooting

If you are with a Samsung and in the need of system modification or recovery, the turn should definitely go to Odin. It agrees to flash various files with support to almost all the ROM variants and Samsung devices up to the newest. And in the compatibility, there is hardly any chance for complaints as Odin has various tool versions addressing the exact need of the user. But can one say it is 100% free of any failures? Not at all as this is too a system change could face several lags depending on the situation. So knowing how useful for bringing you an update to Samsung Odin Troubleshooting, here we go for some basic troubles and tips to solve.

Samsung Odin troubleshooting

Samsung Odin Troubleshooting Tips

As you already know Odin version 3.12.7 is the latest at the moment which as always runs on Windows PC. And it reaches a wide device support and firmware compatibility reporting success in stock/custom ROM flash, kernel flash, root packages flash and etc. So in order to make your Odin flash more success and less with fail, these are some troubleshooting facts you should remember. But remember, we hold no responsibility for any damages or lags could cause. So take the process at your own risk.

No Download Mode

Samsung Odin troubleshooting

Before flash begins, you should switch the Samsung device to Download Mode. But in case if it fails,

  • Take the device battery off for about 2-0 to 30 seconds. Then press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power as usual. If you still meet the trouble, put the battery into the right place with help of another
  • If not, you can also take off the battery and re-enter as an alternative attempt. Then without powering on the device, plug the device into the power charger. And hold the Volume Down. This will probably take you to Download Mode

If you find the trouble with no change from any above methods, you should go for a motherboard replacement through a service center.

Does not Support the Device

If you are successful in switching to Download, your device will easily identify by the program, but in case if it comes showing any errors,

  • Try a different PC and USB
  • Try to connect the device through the main port of USB
  • Uninstall the device drivers and reinstall. When done, try to restart the device to save the changes done

In case it the trouble persists,

  • Turn the Samsung device and the Windows PC off
  • Remove the USB connections
  • Restart the PC and let it settle
  • Open Odin from there
  • Switch the device to the Download Mode and connect the device to the PC

To better result, change the USB port and also the cable used.

Stuck in the Process

Samsung Odin troubleshooting

As always with a system related operation, there would be lags in some situations. So make sure you are with the latest Odin Download. But do not forget that it should come with the highest support for the device variant and firmware it takes.

Depending on the situation, the way you find Odin would be different. So go through the following points to prevent getting failed in Odin processing.

  • Install the correct drivers’ software to the PC and restart before move further
  • Temporarily disable anti-virus programs of firewalls if you have installed to the device
  • Back up the device before start flashing
  • In downloading any file to flash, double-check the compatibility. make sure they are not corrupted

These Samsung Odin Troubleshooting tips are sufficient to overcome the basic troubles could face in the times of Odin processing. But if you find no change, you should try a motherboard replacement through a service center. And as failing in Odin flashing is not due to a trouble with the software, do not give up without taking a few more attempts.

Complete Understanding to Samsung Odin Buttons and Checkboxes

If anyone needs us to give the basic description of what does Samsung Odin buttons and checkboxes mean, this is the time for it. So ending the time worried about cryptic options/buttons in the Odin interface, let us move to more learning about the tool here.

Samsung odin

As you might already know, Odin Download is a useful free tool that flashes firmware to Samsung devices. Although it is in the hand of the public, the tool has developed to be employed internally. So as always, all the thanks should go to Samsung Inc for making a simple and working method to system recoveries and modifications to Samsung. Just like you can trust Odin in bringing back to working conditions from corruptions or any matter, you can easily use the tool for firmware upgrades, backups, flashing Custom ROMs/Kernels in the aim of modifications.

About Samsung Odin Interface and Options

At the top of the program Window, you will meet a horizontal line made of large 8 boxes. So this is simply where you will find the progress of the flashing procedure. And as there are 8 boxes separately, you will be able to see each devices’ progress separately that you can handle with Odin at once. Under that line of boxes, you will then find another line of boxes quite smaller in comparison to the previously mentioned boxes. And they come below the option “ID: COM” indicating the connected devices. The box “ID: COM” fills in blue when there is a successful connection with the devices. So in case any of these boxes not showing a change, you have to reconnect the device with proper installation of the drivers.

For further, the Odin interface is made of a number of buttons and checkboxes. So knowing these are for different tasks in the way to the recovery or modification, let me explain all them one by one as below.

Buttons for File Selection

  • PIT : This is for the Partition Information Table. So in the need of selecting a particular file in Flash, you can go with this button. This uses in repairing the Device’s “Storage” and with the checkbox “Re-Partition”
  • BL : This is the shortened form for “Bootloader”. So if you need flashing a certain part of the whole firmware, this option is available but with only the correct image file
  • PDA/AP : To flash a separate section from the operating system
  • CP/Phone : To Flash an individual section from device’s hardware
  • CSC :  Used in repair procedures and could flash the complete or partial images. But must be use of Device’s “Product Code”
  • File [Dump] : To pick an output file to “Dump” the data of the AP RAM/Sections of the RAM (of each Device) into the file


  • Auto Reboot : This is selected default. It reboots the system when flashing is completed
  • Re-Partition : Would repartition the device filesystem to the original (RFS). It lets software to repair with PIT file use
  • F . Reset Time : This is an option default. It simply to reset the number of times the device has flashed
  • Flash Lock : To unlock the Odin Flash only on some devices

The above given is basically what you should know to make the system recovery or modification success. So hope you find the post helpful. If there is anything still in need of further detailing, feel free to reach us through the comments below.

Samsung Odin Download in Flashing Custom ROM on Galaxy

Among the flashing approaches, Odin is capable of, flash on Custom ROM is one of the widely concerned. It is an interesting chapter when comes to Samsung Odin Download from which anyone can get highest modifications to the system. So if you think, you can do more with a Custom ROM on the Galaxy, this is how it should go from step by step.

Samsung Odin Download

Although Odin release has hit the public with an unintentional leak by Samsung Inc, now Samsung and Odin are inseparable. In fact, Odin free flash utility is capable of flashing a wide range of files to the system in the purpose of recoveries and modifications. And among all it is capable, flashing a Custom ROM is attention winning in the aim of getting uncovered a wide range of features that are not given in the default frame.

Why should you Flash Custom ROMs?

Flashing a Custom ROM simply exposes you to more space on your system. So it will uncover a number of new features to the user boosting the device performance with noticeable alterations. In fact, a Custom ROM is completely a standalone operating system version which carries so much of fun with apps, system changes, and customization on your Samsung handset. For further, if you like to run the latest Android version on the device, replace the launcher, get rid of bloatware, handle and configure app permissions while enjoying a lot of system-wise tweaking, it is time to install a Custom ROM. But in case if you do not know how it starts, this is the complete guide with Odin Download.

Samsung Odin Download in Custom ROM Flash

Just like with every process, you here need extra caution. So start with the prerequisites and follow the step guide. And find a Custom ROM that is developed for your device in hand, which at the same time appears to be stable and 100% matching in the route.


  • Back up the device’s data
  • A Windows PC should be prepared with the correct Samsung drivers installed
  • Enable USB debugging from the device’s settings
  • Switch the device in Download mode, press and hold Home, Volume Down, and Power together and then continue with Volume Up

Samsung Odin Download

  • Download the correct Custom ROM on the PC which you need installing in the device
  • Download Samsung Odin latest version 3.12.7 for free on the PC (should extract)

How to Guide

  • Launch Odin exe with right click on the file and with the administrator rights
  • Connect the device to the PC and notice whether Odin discovers the connection notifying through an “Added” message in the panel

Samsung Odin download

  • Select “AP” and attach the ROM file there

Samsung Odin Download

  • Continue with “Start” and wait for several minutes
  • Then you should see a green “Pass” if the process is successfully done

how to use odin

Note: There is an option to arrange the Custom ROM when done all flashing. So make sure you are following the screen in the right requirement.

By now you are successful in flashing the Custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy. So enjoy the highest customization and powers with all the alterations added.

Quick Guide to Samsung Odin Download

Odin is a commendable free application that can take care of all Samsung flash. It is for the purpose of recovery as well as modifications. So simply it has multiple uses in flashing various files to the system making the user satisfied in the actual need. And if you desired knowing more about Samsung Odin Download, here we take you through the basic learning.

Samsung Odin Download

We have met previously taking about How to use Odin in flash and root. But in case if you have no idea about how it starts all work and capabilities, there is no use of Odin. So let us now get into the basic learning of the flash utility through the features and all facts.

What is the use of Samsung Odin Download?

Odin comes smartly when you are not satisfied working with a single ROM. So it flashes advanced files to the system including firmware. In that way, Odin is useful in recoveries as well as making system modifications. And having Custom ROM flashes and similar you get into more advanced customization that your device has not originally gifted. So in that way, the need and use of Odin could be varied from one to another. But it is must say for all, choice of Download Odin is highly wise which is made for the Samsung operating system changes exclusively.

Version 3.12.7 Updates

Everyone cannot take the use of every Odin version. So it is important to pick the right version download with respect to the firmware and Samsung device model you are with. And for everyone, my recommendation for the moment is version 3.12.7 the latest, which is with the most advanced scripts and stability than previous.

Flash Stock/Custom ROMs and Kernels

how to use odin

In the moment we heard the Odin name, we get into mind about flashing a ROM or Kernel. So Odin is here widely used in flashing Stock/Custom Kernels and ROM packages. When you can flash a Custom ROM/Kernel for more customization and adding to the system, with Stock ROM flashing you can bring your device back to working conditions. So you can save your device from crashed, bricks, and also from conditions like the boot loop.

Flash Recovery Files

Another use of Odin is flashing Recovery. If you are with the right requirements, it is free to use Odin in flashing recovery files like TWRP, CWM and more.

Root Samsung

This free Flash utility is also capable of flashing root packages. And it has already proven the efficiency with flash on CF-Auto-Root on many of the latest editions of Samsung. You can check for the success of the root with download a Root check once the process is done.

System Requirements for Odin

Before you start working with any application, it is important to check for the system requirements and compatibility. So to use Odin, you need a PC powered Windows with the OS Vista, XP or later. And remember that Odin only supports tar/tar.md5 formats for which you need converting all the files to the workable extensions as the entry step.

I hope the today’s piece of writing on Samsung Odin Download is helpful. So stay with us and feel free to reach in anytime you make puzzled on the content.