How to Use Odin Version 3.12.7 to Root Galaxy

At a time rooting has become one of the noticeable ways leads system alterations, we find various tool options. But among them, it is always wise to call Samsung Odin which is specially developed for Samsung system alterations. So this is my turn covering How to Use Odin in rooting your Galaxy Tablet or Smart Phone with the latest version 3.12.7 update.

how to use odin

Update Samsung Odin Version 3.12.7

As you know by now, the release of the tool Odin is not official. So it has come to the public hand through an unintentional leak on the web as a tool developed by Samsung Inc truly for the internal purpose. But as it is now winning all hearts as the best flash utility for Samsung, we now come to meet the program in updated interfaces so often. By now it is Odin v3.12.7 the latest, carrying additional device support and confirming the stability.

Odin is so special as the official program for flashing firmware. Among the number of file formats it supports, root packages are too included making the use of Odin Download for flashing as well as for rooting. So let us walk through the complete tutorial on rooting your Galaxy with use of the latest Odin version 3.12.7.

How to Use Odin in Android Root?

The process here follows different techniques from what you now familiar in the one-click root. But it is not complex or hard to get with if you follow the right requirements and then the how-to part.

How to prepare?

  • Need Windows running PC with proper installation of the drivers’ software (make sure to restart the PC after the installation)
  • Charge the Galaxy for a sufficient power scale
  • Enable USB debugging (Setting > About device > tap 7 or 8 times on the built number and get into the developer options. Then go to developer options and enable USB debugging)
  • The device needs to switch in download mode. So press and hold Home, Power, and Volume down until it vibrates with a warning triangle on the screen. Then continue with Volume up leaving other keys. So you are now in the download mode
  • If you have anything important on the device, make a complete backup for sure to keep them safe

What should I do then?

  • Download Odin the latest version 3.12.7 on the PC and extract to get workable extensions
  • Download CF-Auto-Root package and extract as above for the workable formats
  • Launch Odin exe, with right-click to get the administrator rights
  • Connect the device to the PC (in download mode)
  • See whether your device gets connected to Odin putting an “added” message in the panel (ID:COM Box should turn blue)

How to use Odin

  • Now select AP and attach the CF-Auto-Root file there
  • While keeping the other options untouched, continue with “Start”
  • Now you need some wait as it will require several minutes to proceed in the system
  • If you see a green “Pass” in several minutes, you are successfully done rooting with Odin

how to use odin

  • So disconnect from the PC and use a root checker for the root confirmations

It is simply all under how to use Odin in rooting. So follow the given instructions and have happy Androiding times. But in case if you find anything troublesome, do not be uncertain to reach us.

How to Use Odin to Flash Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

As Odin is the reputed tool accepts the most effective flash on Samsung devices, there is nothing to get excited about Odin being the choice for another in flashing. And here in this post, we going to cover about How to Use Odin in flashing Samsung Galaxy Note 8, one of the biggest attention in the year 2017 in the smartphone market.  So learn how to properly install Stock firmware on Galaxy Note 8 with the easiest and in the most effective steers.

How to use Odin

With the discontinuation of Note 7, Samsung has doubled the attention on the next generation Note edition, what we now call 8. It is stunning and packs all of the essential specifications to inspire the user in all the sides. In fact, it features a 6.3-inch display with measuring the resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels, Processor as 1.9GHz octa-core Exynos 8895(Qualcomm Snapdragon 835), with 6 GB of RAM and so much more covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for protecting all the internals.

Besides all of the enhancements the latest Note 8 packs default, we get questioned the way to flashing. And knowing it is definitely the way to better speed and performance, here we guide you through how Odin Download can manage in getting successful Stock ROM Flash. Let us start with the prerequisites and then the  Samsung Odin Guide.

Pre-requisites for:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 enabled USB debugging (Go to Settings > About Phone and tap about 7/8 times on the build number. Once you see USB debugging enabled, go back Settings > Developer Options and enable USB debugging)
  • A Laptop or PC running Windows with installed proper USB drivers software
  • Right Stock firmware for Galaxy Note 8

Setting Up:

Before starting the process, you should have at least 70% of the battery strength on the device. And make sure to backup all of the data as system alterations could always erase and change the location of the current content. And there is no any party including us to hold the responsibility of the processing, as it should take at your own risk.

Then Download Samsung Odin version 3.12.7 latest and unzip the file to get the workable extensions.

How to Use Odin?

  • Right-click on the Odin exe and launch with the administrator rights
  • Then connect the device to the PC, but here the device should be in Download mode which you can enable with a press and hold Home, Volume Down, and Power until the yellow warning triangle arrives. Then press Volume Up and continue to Download Mode
  • Connect the device and note whether the ID:COM box turns blue

How to use Odin

  • Now add the ROM file in the Odin interface and select AP from the given list of options

How to use Odin

  • Make the Auto Reboot and F-Reset Time ticked but not with the re-partition option
  • If done, hit “Start” and wait
  • Wait patiently until a green “Pass” come in the interface notifying you are successful in flashing the firmware on Galaxy Note 8

Now let the device gets rebooted. Once it is ready to use, you will be able to see the device with a new Stock firmware installed. So hope you are clear about How to use Odin in flashing the latest Galaxy Note 8. But in case if there is anything in wanting of detailing, reach us through the comments below.

How to Use Odin- Everything in Brief

Samsung Odin download is a commendable application for Samsung when the need for system modification arrives. It brings you flash, root and recovery options fulfilling the need of system alterations. Up to now, we have met Odin in a number of updates as of which a wide range of devices here have turned up the gold. But remember, for only the Samsung. So if you believe your handset should not be limited to the stock walls, here is How to Use Odin together with more interesting facts.

how to use odin

It is quite striking to talk about the Odin release, where everything has gone out of the plan. In fact, Samsung Odin is a tool developed by Samsung Inc. truly with the intention of internal processing. But somehow, it is now at the public hand through an unintentional web leak. Although unintentionally, Odin and Samsung names are more united now, as the best option a Samsung Phone or Tablet user can reach in the need of system changes. And though Odin is more allied with flash, it can perform more in bringing core values of the system to function.

How to Use Odin for Samsung?

The use of Samsung Odin Download brings the actual worth of it. As stated in the introductory paragraphs, the tool can work on different file flashes including root packages and could also manage recovery options well. If I open further, Odin can be used in Stock/Custom ROM flash, Flash Kernels, Flash Recovery files, manually upgrade or downgrade device firmware, Flash Root packages, and at the same time recovering the device from the states like soft-bricks. So you can use Ofin in the instances where the device has gone out of work due to system errors. And it also allows you take Custom ROMs to the need of more power on the system. So anything let you feel restricted within the system can simply wipe away with Odin. And it guarantees the success in stock ROM flashes, the solution for a majority in fixing up things back in working.

What should you Remember in Odin Download?

how to use odin

As Samsung Odin leads system alterations, you are required high attention on everything with the processing. So it is essential to keep your attention on Odin Download compatibility, workable versions, latest downloads available and proper guidelines etc.


There is still no way to Download Odin directly on your handset. So it is essential to get a Windows-only PC preparations with correct USB drivers software installation.

Device and Firmware Compatibility

As stated, Odin download works only for Samsung at this point. And as it now confirms the support up to Android Nougat 7.0 running on latest Galaxy S8 and more, the devices can use Odin has widened. But there is still no confirmations about the chance Odin could take support for other manufacturer names from Samsung. So it is important to pay attention to the compatibility first.

Latest Odin Download

Odin comes with various updates to match with different device requirements. For now, Odin 3.12.7 is the latest which successfully adds support up to all latest firmware and device variants. The new versions come addressing various bugs, performance improvements and more for a stable performance.

How to Use Odin for Stock ROM Flash?

With only a few easy steps, you can use Odin download to flash Stock ROM. So go with the respective preparations and the step guide.


As the entry step to the process, you need making a backup of all your device’s data. And make sure you are with a sufficient power scale could not cause interruptions while processing. To the Windows PC, install the proper USB drivers and be ready with a proper USB too. And remember to enable “USB debugging” on Samsung device heading to Setting > About the device. Then tap 7 times on the Built Number.

Odin Guide to flash

  • Download Odin v3.12.7 latest on the PC and extract
  • Then Download the Stock ROM with no difference and get the workable extensions with an extract
  • Press and hold the Power, Home, and Volume Down buttons to switch the Samsung device to Download mode. When you see the Warning yellow triangle, press Volume Up and continue

how to use odin

  • To start with Odin, right click on the exe and open with the administrator rights
  • Through the main port of the USB, connect the device
  • Let Odin download detects the connected device. If done, you will notice an “Added” message on the Odin interface
  • From the given list of options, select AP
  • The attach the extracted Stock ROM file in the required area
  • Hit “Start” if it now to begin the processing
  • Let Odin flash continue
  • In a few minutes later, you will be greeted with a Green “Pass” notifying the flash is success

If you follow the Odin Guide, things will smoothly take you to success “Pass” message. But in case if you are with a “reset” in red, you need flashing again with some changes. So proceed at your own risk.

The post here covers How to Use Odin with the example of a complete Stock ROM flash. So hope this is useful in making your Samsung working well.