Samsung Odin Download to Flash Official Firmware on Galaxy S8

As of the benefits, Android operating system offers, you might have installed a Custom ROM, rooted the system already on your latest Samsung Galaxy S8. But in case if there is anything matters, you will find it stuttered and slow down overall putting you in a position of flash the official firmware to revert to the Stock. So here we go with Samsung Odin Download covering how to flash Stock firmware making everything back working as previous.

Samsung Odin Download

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the latest flagship model now in the market under the name of Samsung. And with the highest developer support, there is a number of Custom ROMs, Kernels to install for the ones in the need of better performance, completely changed the look and feel through various mods and etc. So as you know, installing a Custom ROM, taking root is so much of fun to get a powerful change in the system. But in case if there is any mismatch or trouble, it does not matter how fast and powerful the new Galaxy S8 is with Exynos or Snapdragon 835 powerful chipset also having 4 GB of RAM and etc.

Samsung Odin Download to Flash Stock Firmware

Samsung Odin is the best and only way we recommend installing various files to the system. And among all it is capable, flashing a Stock ROM is the most used and known from which you can revert the system back to Stock like state making it back working as you wishing. So in case if you are in any trouble as above states, here we go for complete stock firmware flash step by step.

Note for the user: Flashing a Stock ROM will not damage the factory Warranty. So you can start with an open mind here in Odin Flash. But you should take the whole process at your own risk as no party going to hold any responsibilities or damages possible in the process

Files to Download

Samsung Odin troubleshooting

  • Samsung Odin 3.12.7 latest version
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 USB drivers’ software if required
  • Correct Stock firmware for Galaxy S8 which match with the device model and also the country code

Instructions to the Process

  • Switch your device to Download mode (press and hold Home, Power, and Volume Down, and then continue with Volume Up when notified the warning triangle)
  • Extract the Odin folder and start with the exe (launch as an administrator by right-clicking on the file)
  • Connect the device to the Windows PC
  • Let Odin detects your device (it will show “Added” once connected)
  • Select “AP” and attach the Firmware file there (If you find the downloaded firmware file in zip format, extract to get Odin compatible¬†tar.md5, then attach)
  • Then continue with “Start”

If you are successful with all above, the process will then run for several minutes. It should conclude with a reboot and be showing the success in a green “Pass”.

how to use odin

Then you can detach the device from the PC and enjoy your device working flawlessly as previously. So do not forget to give thanks to Samsung Inc for developing Odin for the success in system recoveries and modifications.

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